Empower Your People

To Maximise Wellbeing

Safe and Healthy ~ Make it easier to thrive and be well

Video by Louise Mather {Glimpse ~ Mvg Well Labs project with GSA, DHI}

Feel Better ~ Work Well

Help your staff feel at their best wherever they are working

Do you want to support your team’s natural resilience and ability to maintain good health

Sustainably?  Whilst reducing sedentary workloads and improving performance?

Glimpse ~ Moving Well

Expert Programmes ~ Training ~ Workshops

 Enhance performance and productivity
  Support concentration ~
 Boost motivation

 Inspire greater employee engagement
 Lower absenteeism   Increase retention

Job satisfaction matters

 Reduce workplace stress and anxiety

 Promote good health and wellbeing

 Improve posture   Build resilience

 Relieve back and joint pain   Avoid RSI

Healthy employers

 Scientific evidence based approach
 Health and Safety advised actions
 Achieve greater Readiness for Change
  Gain  Active Workplace  Certification

Be safe and stay well

Tired & Stressed?

Desk work can leave employees feeling tired, stressed and demotivated ~ Impacting concentration and performance.

Sitting for long periods can harm health, increase absenteeism, contribute to staff turnover and compromised engagement.


But you can help your employees better meet aims and objectives and enjoy producing great quality work by supporting their health, wellbeing and potential with a holistic approach.

Feeling stuck can add stress

"Moving Well Workshops are excellently structured, packed full of relevant tips and information. Highly recommended"  Angela Meiklem - Teacher

"Best two hours of the week - Thank you!"  Elaine Briggs - Workplace Specialist

"Clear, detailed health information and direction,

 with a conversational style that puts you at ease.

 I highly recommend these workshops to everyone."

 Helena Prentice  

 SFX Technician

Love Working Well

We spend a third of our life working, so this deserves to be a sustainably healthy activity. With the right knowledge and care, desk-based work can become more satisfying, creative and  ergonomic ~ It can even lead to a healthier life in later years.

Along with the social aspects of work come opportunities to maintain fitness, energy and mental health. Most employees would also like to achieve a greater work-life balance. This is all feasible with our profoundly practical human centered approach.


Motivation & Movement

Glimpse Moving Well is about inspiring and motivating people to stay well, move more and gain greater pleasure in what they do.

Our expert programmes, training and workshops help employees build their own skills for maintaining good health and happiness.

This in turn boosts productivity and business effectiveness too.

Self care and prevention are at the heart of sustainable wellbeing. 

Healthy ageing also becomes easier with natural, practical daily habits ~ Please take a look at a range of our dynamic workshops.

Active Workshops

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